Mold can be extremely frustrating to deal with! Let us walk you through best practices, important facts and more down below👇

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🔹The first and most important step of solving the mold issues in your property is figuring out the source of moisture which gives the mold its ability to grow in the first place and spread rapidly! The source of moisture must be discovered and resolved!

🔸Examples of moisture sources: damaged plumbing pipes, roof leak, poor ventilation, structural damage allowing rain and storm water in, cracked shower pan or tub, slab leaks, leaking AC coils, clogged gutters, broken water heaters, etc...

🔸In some cases you might need a professional or equipment such as moisture readers and thermal cameras to identify the source or multiple sources of moisture.

🔸It is important to note that in some cases where the source of moisture was spotted and taken care of; if the moisture remained in the building materials and wasn’t dried & extracted properly, it will likely lead to mold growth.

Why Now?🏚️🦠

🔸One of the biggest reasons one shouldn’t delay dealing with water/mold damage is because of its ability to spread! The longer one waits the more time mold and water damage can spread and lead to larger secondary damages, impact the structural integrity of the home and materials, impact the air quality in the home, and the health of the people living there.

🔸Some people attempt to clean mold they see on surfaces themselves, the issue is that mold grows through porous materials so attempting to clean a surface wont solve the problem! The mold will easily grow back and will continue to spread through the materials! (Especially in closed areas you cant see or reach)

What to do next?💡

We offer a Free assessment and consultation for local homeowners who are facing such problems. We check to see if your damage can be covered by your home insurance policy and guide on the best ways to remediate the damage and restore your home. Contact us to schedule a free assessment or to ask any questions you may have over the phone. 📱

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